AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD Courses

Check out our many public training AutoCAD Courses, we can also offer customised AutoCAD Courses tailored to your needs.  Symetri offers online training so if you are looking for AutoCAD courses in Dublin, Cork, Galway , anywhere, you can avail of our training with out the hassle of having to travel! With offices in Dublin and Limerick we can offer AutoCAD training at our training centres, online or onsite.

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AutoCAD Essentials Training Course

This online AutoCAD course through the basics of AutoCAD, to a point where candidates are competent using its commands and tools.


AutoCAD Intermediate Training Course

This online AutoCAD course takes participants through the advanced features of AutoCAD to a point where candidates have developed the skills and knowledge using the more complex features of AutoCAD. The trainees are shown how to handle files, Xrefs, Advanced Plotting and Data Management.


Rules-based model checking

07 May 2024

Uncover Construction's Digitisation Dilemma | Explore contractors' love-hate relationship with technology. See how Solibri Office transforms model checking and collaboration, enhancing efficiency.

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