Each toolset allows you to:

  • Automate the creation of annotations, layers and properties with AutoCAD
  • Easily create details and views from 3D models, to simply generate schedules, lists and tables.
  • Create rules-driven workflows to enforce standards throughout the design process.
  • Track updates of associated views, and other content as designs change.

As a result of AutoCAD’s industry-specific functionality it’s widely used by construction professionals, architects, and engineers. One of its key features is that it gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on projects wherever and whenever suits you. Luckily for you, Procad’s AutoCAD training courses are as flexible as the software itself.

Training Courses
Customised to your AutoCAD needs

As a certified Autodesk Platinum reseller and authorised training centre, Procad offers both public courses and customised courses tailored to your AutoCAD needs. With offices in Limerick & Dublin, we’d be delighted to welcome you at either of our training centres. We also understand our customer’s hectic schedules, so we can also come to your office, or if none of the above suit, you can even join us online.

We offer plenty of options when it comes to training courses because AutoCAD courses have an important part to play in our customers successes. The better equipped our customers are with the specialised features and libraries of AutoCAD, the better the results they can get from the software.

On an AutoCAD course our Autodesk certified instructors will take participants through the software’s features, from the essentials for new users, to more advanced features for users looking to maximise the software’s capabilities.


AutoCAD Essentials Training Course

AutoCAD Intermediate Training Course

Covers the basics of AutoCAD Covers the advanced features of AutoCAD


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AutoCAD Software Packages

Autodesk has developed a variety of AutoCAD software packages to suit the working demands of construction professionals, architects, and engineers:


Software Package Description
AutoCAD The original software for 2D and 3D CAD.
AutoCAD LT For the creation of 2D drawings with straight easy-to-use drafting tools.
AutoCAD Revit LT Suite Helps transition to Building Information Modeling, you can continue to us AUTOCAD LT software while familiarising yourself with BIM.
AutoCAD Mobile A drawing and drafting tool that lets you create on the go, wherever and whenever.


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Therefore, for whatever software package you are looking for training in, at whatever level, Procad will deliver the necessary training course to meet your needs. As Ireland’s first Authorised Autodesk Platinum Partner with more than 20 year’s experience on the Irish market, we’ll ensure that you achieve the best from your AutoCAD software.

Contact us today to book your AutoCAD course.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a taster of what the latest AutoCAD software has to offer, keep an eye on Procad’s upcoming webinars here and register for free.