3ds Max Interactive: What is it?

3ds Max Interactive: What is it?

3ds Max Interactive is a VR engine that extends the power of 3ds Max to create immersive and interactive architectural visualizations based on Autodesk Stingray for design visualization specialists.

It can be used in a number of different contexts but its focus is on helping to simplify the process of turning animations, such as architectural visualizations, into stunning virtual reality experiences.

How does this relate to Autodesk Revit Live?

Autodesk is committed to creating VR solutions for the widest spectrum of users. Last year we rolled out Autodesk Revit Live, the powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based visualization service for architects that transforms Autodesk Revit models into VR experiences in one click. Autodesk Revit Live is designed for architects who require a solution to quickly explore, understand, and share Autodesk Revit designs on their desktop or in virtual reality.  The VR tools in 3ds Max 2018.1 are aimed at design visualization specialists working to produce high-end, photoreal experiences. With the new 3ds Max to VR workflow, we’re shoring-up data drudgery with capabilities like support for translating materials from the popular V-Ray renderer in 3ds Max to VR – freeing visualization artists to focus on the part they care most about: creating stunning imagery.

Inside the Max VR workflow, we’re using automation where it makes sense. 

One example is our V-Ray materials translation from Max to Max Interactive. We know V-Ray is one of the most popular renderers for design viz artists, so we’ve been looking at ways to optimize the process. In our testing, we’ve been blown away by shaving hours, if not days, off the laborious data-prep process.

Other sweet features include templates for various VR platforms that are packaged with the necessary tools and scripts that make it easy for non-developers to quickly create mobile, PC, and room-scale VR experiences without any advanced scripting knowledge. You’ll also find a pretty slick digital content creation link tool, which quickly connects your 3ds Max dataset to the real-time environment and lets you work more iteratively and interactively on your project.

How much does 3ds Max Interactive cost?

3ds Max Interactive is available to all current 3ds Max subscribers – either as a standalone product, or as part of an Autodesk industry collection – at no additional cost. It cannot be purchased separately.

Ready to take the leap? You can download both 3ds Max 2018 Update 1 and 3ds Max Interactive as two separate downloads from your desktop account, provided you’re a current 3ds Max, suite or collection subscriber.


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