3DS Max Online Training

This online course takes participants through the basics of 3DS Max, from creating a model, to lighting, materials, and rendering


Session 1


Getting Started

Introduction to User Interface

Managing Project Files

What is 3DS Max?


User Interface

Customising the UI

Toolbar Functionalities

Viewport Layouts

Viewport Navigation


Project Overview

Setting up the scene

Walkthrough of aspects covered

Example finished scene


Session 2


Create Panel

Creating geometry





Modify Panel

Adding/removing modifiers

Parametric Modelling Techniques

Modifier Stack Overview


Creating Objects

Creating geometry using the create panel

Applying modifiers to geometry

Editing using polygon modelling tools

Modelling Ribbon Overview


Session 3


Creating the Pedestal

Creating a pedestal using references

Modelling the pedestal

Use modelling tools and modifiers to create shape


Using Cameras

Placing a camera in the scene

Controlling the cameras angle and location

Getting everything in frame

Safe frames in Viewport

Exposure, aperture, resolution


Adding Lights

Creating lights using create panel

Adjusting colour and intensity

Size and shape


Session 4

Active Rendering

Using ActiveShade to quickly preview image

Creating Snapshots

Using Arnold Renderview


Applying Materials

Creating, editing, and applying materials

Using the node material editor

Importing a material library

Adding a HDRI image to the scene


Render Setup

Render setup settings

Changing resolution

Reducing noise in rendered image


Session 5


Animation Basics

Using key frames

Adjusting animation using curve editor

Applying a simple animation to geometry

Dope sheet overview

Setting up timeline and scale

 Additional Information

  • The course is broken down into 5 sessions. To complete this course, you will need to attend five online sessions and each session is two hours long. The full training will be held in the same week.        
  • Participants must have 3DS Max software installed on their laptop (preferably 2021 or newer).
  • 3DS Max software is not supported on Mac
  • Participants should have the project files downloaded before training starts.
  • Pre-payment is required. 
  • Morning class will run from 10am – 12pm and the afternoon class will run from 2pm – 4pm. 
  • Candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion from Autodesk. 
  • Please note you will need two screens to attend the training, one to view the Instructor using the software a tablet can be used for this but not a mobile as the screen is too small - and a PC/Laptop so you can complete the CAD drawings alongside the instructor

Training Enquires

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